Housing Tower – ZAC Citadelle, Strasbourg


    Strasbourg, France



  • YEAR





    housing tower

    5200 m² (SDP)



    Irina Cristea, Grégoire Zündel

    Competition : Gwenaël Loubes, Theophilos Zachos, Filippo Cossa Majno Di Capriglio


    Cyber Fluides, CTE Ingénierie, EPA Paris


The Deux-Rives urban planning project is exceptional through its location near a port, with a strong fluvial and post-industrial symbolistic. A site full of promises and opportunities, which will bring new life into the city of Strasbourg. The CIT 4 tower is located on the edge of the canal as the symbol of the urban intensification of the Rhine basin. Through its slender silhouette composed of 17 floors, it will emphasize the axis between Strasbourg and Kehl. Its location and volume will enable it to rise up from the low-height urban tissue. In order to minimize the built masses and give elegance to the silhouette of our tower, the project proposes a compact tower, which takes shape around a central core, located in the gravity center of the site. The triangular shape of the site led us to take advantage of this particular geometry, by slashing the volume of the tower. The facades are disrupted by two successive recessions towards the summit. Similar to the Cathedral, the tower is recomposed on three registers, organized according to the orientations offered by the site: the canals, the south orientation, the city and on the top levels the volume is thinned. Recessions create plateaus which offer exceptional belvederes. The tower is composed of 72 housing units and a common space in the form of a shared apartment. Several morphologies are proposed: SOHO, collective housing in simplex, more upmarket duplex apartments in the penthouse area.